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03 April 2008 @ 11:51
So I had a weird dream last night. Kinda good and disappointing all at once.

Pretty short too.

My mom and I were watching (what in real life I bought last night [thanks Ali!]) "Monty Python's Graham Chapman's Looks like a Brown Trouser Job" which is a collection of his college lectures. (And which I'm about to watch now. "The Magic Christian" came in last night, so that's why I haven't watched this yet. And John Cleese and Graham were in that. These two screenshots were hard as hell to get AND get Ringo's face recognizable. He's so little! He has to look up at them and so usually they do that with his face turned away from the camera.)

Where was I?

Oh right! So we were watching this and mom goes, "Oh you're related to him, you know."

And I go: "OMGFTWBBQ?! What? How? When? He's a Python why didn't you tell me the moment I could comprehend their humor?!" (Well not really, but "Ftwhat?" doesn't sound as good.)

Mom says, as she getting up and going to the chest where we keep a bunch of pictures and stuff, "Yeah, he's my cousin, somehow." (I have serious large families on either side. Mostly cousins and great aunts and second, third, etc cousins. Plus the steps, you know.) And then she pulls out a hand full of pictures and hands them to me, "There aren't many of him, but that's at his wedding."

In fact there are exactly two of him, one with David and one with him just casual as you please sitting on the couch with a drink in his hand. And it did look like beer. Bad Graham. Mom told me he got married to David (who, in my dream, was a very tall, taller than Graham, and drag queen. And unfortunatly not all that attractive. But I've never seen, or know anything about Graham's real life David.) in 1988, the year before Graham died. Still Graham looked good in those pictures.

But seriously, his *Wedding* they went to and they have two pictures of him (and four of David, actually). Good job, Mom.

Random Graham spam from Flying Circus:
Graham Chapman

John in "The Magic Christian" with Ringo and Peter Sellers.

And Graham

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28 March 2008 @ 00:44
watching the first disc of Concert for George. Some thoughts.

- Dhani's guitar has a heart! Love it.

- Dunno who intro-ed Monty Python but it sounds like Austin Tichenor... Neil Innes, horray! I saw butt cheeks. Teehee. And they didn't look too bad. For bein' old. =P

- Lumberjack Song. After Connie (yay!) cries and the chorus does the last verse... Eric doesn't. He doesn't sing. He just sits there. Really dazed looking. *hugs 4 Ewic*

- They sing "Spam" walking off and Michael gives Terry J a little booty fondle. But Eric is smiling entering backstage.

- Jools Holland Band. I like. Very much.

- Ringo. Love the jacket. Also, he makes Dhani really smile for the first time in the concert. Aw-ness factor sky rockets. Plus, someone gives him... Jellybabies! (Furthering my recent Beatles/Doctor Who theory.)

- Paul and Eric. Yayness.

- Paul saying what Olivia said and Dhani getting all embarrassed: Aw-ness.

- After the last song Michael Palin hangs back a moment for Eric Idle and puts his arm around him. Aw-ness. (Eric said in his book he lost it at the end.)

- Then Eric goes on ahead and Paul stops Ringo for a hug. And then they have the sex (or a shimmy-hug, actually) while Michael touches Ringo's back all "Not here, boys" like.

I've gotta move the second disc further up on my list. Dunno why they're all far apart but they are.

And yes, I cried. At the very end when Dhani actually spoke.
22 March 2008 @ 12:17

(Not Beatles, but Ewic)


(And my favorite from Georgie's "Crackbox Palace" video which Eric directed)

The rest (non Python related, all Beatles) at rock macros.
18 March 2008 @ 11:39
I made eleven. But two are Python/Beatles.



Unrelated Beatles ones under cut, just in case you wanna see.Collapse )
17 March 2008 @ 10:09
I made a Monty Python/Beatle Macro.

I made others, here at rock_macros.

Poor Rings.
25 November 2007 @ 23:41

Yes, there is a competition...

Download a picture to do with Yellow Submarine and make it hilarious! You can add text, arrows, speech balloons... whatever you like! Or, you can post to this journal with your chosen picture and the rest of the joke (eg, what the characters are saying, or a caption) outside the picture. Whoever makes the most wet-your-underwear funny picture gets at least one icon of their favourite Yellow Submarine character. (You have to tell me what size and type it should be; for example, if you want and need a new userpic, it must be 100 x 100 and can be a JPG file.) Also, there may be at least one prize if you are extremely humorous, but not the winner. The competition closes on the 2nd of December, 2007, GMT+10:00, so you'd better do something very funny...

Here is one of my pictures:

A humorous Yellow Submarine picture made by me.

This is what the speech balloons say:

John: What do you think?

George: I think I fried me finger.

If you want a new Yellow Submarine icon, all that you have to do is

Also, I made a rude, but funny, picture...

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16 November 2007 @ 00:20

Do you remember when I asked you for icons of Paul McCartney as a character from Yellow Subamrine? I wanted to use one as my userpic. I grew sick of waiting for one so I created at least 14 pictures of Paul looking pretty -- Paul the character from Yellow Submarine, of course. Here they are:

1.Perhaps the most origanl 'Paul from Yellow Submarine' icon that I've ever made. 2. All you need is love. 3. A nude (that is, nothing's been added to it, including text) icon of Paul McCartney! 4.Another 'nude' icon of Paul McCartney as a character from Yellow Submarine. 5.Paul McCartney as a character from the film Yellow Submarine.
 6.'t Macca cute? 7. One of my first icons of Paul McCartney as a character from the film Yellow Submarine. 8.My first userpic! 9.Paul McCartney from the film Yellow Submarine surrounded by flowers. 10.Yet another 'nude' picture of Paul, this time with John! 
11.Paul is so pretty that I'd like to kiss him! 12.One of my first 'Paul form Yellow Submarine' icons. 13.One of the first 'Paul from Yellow Submarine' icons that I made. 14.Would you like to kiss this Paul? I would.

You can use these icons as long as you credit me and where I'm from (eg, 'My beautiful userpic was created by someone from LiveJournal whose name was Rolando8'). You can also edit them, eg add words to one of my icons. Enjoy!



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06 November 2007 @ 22:28
I am looking for Yellow Submarine icons with Paul in them to use as my Userpic. Please, where can I find some? Thank you.
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10 August 2007 @ 02:00
Hi everyone!! I haven't posted here before, so I suppose I shall introduce m'self!

Name: Chelsey
Favourite Python Member: Ewic!!! He's adorable! I love the others too, but Eric is the only one I seem to have an obssession with. How could one not!?
Favourite Beatle: What? Are you trying to kill me!? I don't know... I guess John because I have a poster of him hanging in my room. Also because our visions of peace are/were very similar. I just see him as a role model... Not so say I don't love the other Beatles! I mean, Paul and George I find the most attractive and I went to a Ringo concert, but John's all for the peace, and I'm all for that.


I have made some very nice Pythicons if anyone wants them!!! Here is the news:

2 Random
11 Alan Rickman
13 Harry Potter
3 Steve Carell
2 Audery Hepburn
3 Marilyn Monroe
15 Colbert Report
11 Monty Python/ Eric Idle
2 Daily Show

I promise next time I will have Monty Python and Beatles icons. Anyway,

(Wait! Oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman...)
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23 July 2007 @ 06:34
Hi, everyone! I saw this community and had to join it, just on principle. I love the Beatles and I love the Pythons. At least now I can identify other like-minded souls. :)

Favorite Beatle: That would have to be George. He just resonates with me. But truly, I like them all. :)

Favorite Python: Eric, although Michael comes in a close second. I suppose it's Eric's songs which put him over the top. One of my favorite albums is Monty Python Sings-- brilliant!

And a little gift:

I have written a Beatles story in which our Pythons play a part. It's a happy, angst-free romp with lots of Beatles humor. If anyone is so inclined, please drop in for a read. I'd love to hear from you.

Title: Live on Saturday Night—The Beatles!
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: This never happened, but wouldn't it be lovely if it did? The real people mentioned in this story never did or said these things. The author intends no disrespect by using their names or likenesses.
Summary: What if John and Paul had not been “too tired” to show up on Saturday Night the day of the famous Beatles reunion offer, April 24, 1976?

Click here to go to Part 1.