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17 August 2008 @ 22:33
I was bored one day awhile back and started playing Norwegian Wood on the keyboard. I suddenly realized a few things:

a.) Being a girl, I could never sing this song in public if I wanted without getting odd looks,
b.) This was the only song I knew with the word Norwegian in it, which immediately made me think of the Dead Parrot Sketch &
c.) What better way to combine two of my favorite things than put them together in an awesomely catchy song?!

So I rewrote Norwegian Wood and this is how it goes...

Please excuse me, miss. 
My parrot's dead.
It is no more.
What do you mean miss?
That bird was new.
Norwegian Blue.

That parrot's not dead it's just pining for the fjords back home
But shopkeeper, sir, can't you see this here parrot's passed on?

Yes, it has expired.
Bereft of life.
It rests in peace.

That bird is just tired.
Will your complaints,
please kindly cease?

[instrumental bit]

See there it moved!
No it didn't, you just pushed the cage!
Now, will you exchange it before I become more outraged?

The plumage is nice,
But let me see
what else I've got.
I just have a slug.

Well, that won't do.
Norwegian Blue.

And now that I learned the song on guitar I plan to sing it more often. lol. 
Since then, I've always wanted to write one for The Spanish Inquistion but I'm not sure which song/tune to use as the basis.
Anyroad, just thought I'd share this. Hope you like it. =D
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Lara: She'll only reject me in the end...solidfoamsoul on 18th August 2008 02:56 (UTC)
Whatev, you and me should sing this, yo! (Cuz I commented first!)

Brilliant, brilliant!

"Spanish Inquisition" could fit with "Rocky Raccoon" or "Bungalow Bill"... or "Helter Skelter." The White Album calls for it, apparently...
Anna: Behold! Ringo4you_blue_jway on 18th August 2008 03:00 (UTC)
There's only one problem...I can't sing. lol. But really I can't. I do sometimes anyway but it's pretty bad. I mean, inside my head it sounds good but I know it's totally not like that on the outside.

Interesting thought. I'll work on something, if I get some free time.
Or you could write it. lol. I'd like to see someone else's work. =)
Nyssaigbc on 18th August 2008 03:01 (UTC)
I *love* this. LOL!
Anna: George <34you_blue_jway on 18th August 2008 03:07 (UTC)
Glad someone does. =D
Well actually, my brother likes it too, but then again he was nine when he first heard me play it. lol.
Katrina: stoppaulietimeswannishs_epee on 18th August 2008 03:27 (UTC)
ROTFL! That's so brilliant. I may just have to sing it. :P
Anna: Bluebird4you_blue_jway on 18th August 2008 03:32 (UTC)
By all means, please do.
Just watch out for lawsuits from Paul & Yoko...and maybe John Cleese. lol.